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Very Random

Finally getting around to trying to get caught up on Den'ou. I really do prefer being able to do at least four episodes at a sitting, so I think I won't be following it week to week anyway. (What is it about KR series that I really prefer to marathon them? Oh, right. All the episodes continue into the next one.)

Movie looks intriguing. Sanada Yukimura and Sen-hime? Le'huh? *shrug* Like the look Uratarousu is sporting in the movie. ^___^

Noticed a random poster in the background of one of the movie promo bits with a Japanese castle in it. It actually made me get up and go look to figure out which castle it was. Turns out I was right on my second shot (the first being "Matsumoto... er, no, that doesn't look right"), and it was Osaka. I was thrown off by it being black, not white. Back in the period with Sanada Yukimura Osaka Castle would have been black. Kudos to the filmmakers for catching that level of accuracy.

Speaking of castles, the one used in ep. 23-24 (with the baby) is Oshi Castle. Pictures (and Japanese info) can be found here.
Tags: kamen rider den'ou
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