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I'll See Your Nauplis And Raise You 911

Man, I thought researching for fanfics was a pain. Now I'm doing tons of research just for translations. Lovely authors, did you miss that this is a *kids* show? A thirty-mutter year old should not have to hit the books to be able to understand what you're babbling.

Today's lovely finds include researching the nervous system of an insect, and what the Japanese equivalent to 911 is. (I'd been wondering what those 100ban signs meant...)


I hadn't realized up until now that the theme of mother and son in this episode doesn't just apply to Teppei and his mother -- it implies to Insectus 1 and Insectus Jr. That's... kind of perverse the more I think about it.

Teppei's such a mama's boy, I wonder if his favorite food isn't oyako donburi.

I forgot how cool George is in this episode. He's the only one to stand up and say quit taking the coward's way out -- if you're going to do something, do it and don't hide it. His comment about danger and GUYS going hand in hand is a faint precursor to a later discussion in ep. 45.

Meh. Need to stop digging through old episodes or I will never get this one finished and off for timing. :P Insect nervous systems. Yay.
Tags: translation, ultraman mebius

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