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28 August 2007 @ 11:10 pm
Mebi DVD 13  
Threw it in just for a minute to test to make sure it played, ended up watching through all the character profiles. ^^;; Noticed that 1) there is no music or anything to get in the way of the dialog (sakon, they had that one line of George's from ep. 4 that we couldn't make head nor tails of), and 2) there's dialog in there that didn't make the final cut. Was intrigued to see that they cut out a bit when Konomi first tells Mirai she won't join GUYS where she says she can't because she's a coward and a crybaby. It's almost too bad that got cut, since it fits in so nicely with ep. 4. That was the biggest bit of added dialog -- but it was still fun seeing bits that I hadn't seen before. It was nice contrast from reciting the lines along with the characters.

(In my defense, most of the scenes came from episodes I translated. So I have every reason for being able to quote the Japanese lines along with the characters.)

Was entertained to see a big, high-quality version of Igarashi doing para para. ^___^ Now to catch up on HanaKimi... :P