Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

The Japanese Are Insane

First off, the stuff only swtjemz and moof care about:
Order's placed. I'm assuming it should show up within a week of 9/11, to the address listed in Moof's LJ. Moof, you'll probably need to warn the front desk at the place you're staying at that there will be a package in that time frame for 覇樹里亜 (It's swtjemz's name, in random kanji I chose, in Japanese order.) I believe all charges should go against the credit card, so there's no need to leave money for COD.

And now for the general service announcement: The Japanese are insane. Completely and totally bugnuts. Not sure how I missed this detail before, but there you go.

What prompted me to come to this glorious conclusion? Filling out account information for shipping and delivery of two books. It took four tries to fill out this basic information. Not because Japanese Is Hard (tm), and not because I couldn't read or input Japanese characters. Oh no. Because my characters were too fat.

Yes, that's right. Too fat.

Turns out that Japanese uses two different size characters. This is true even (and particularly) for things like Arabic numerals. You know, 1, 2, 3 -- that kind of thing. These are skinny numbers: 1, 2, 3. These are fat numbers: 1,2,3. When filling out an address, it's important that the zip code and phone numbers are in skinny numbers, but the street address and apartment numbers are in fat numbers. Because if they aren't, the form won't submit. Same thing applies for credit card numbers (which must be slender -- no fat cats here!)

This? This is actually one of the most retarded things I've encountered ever in Japan. And this is from a society that invented Pokemon, head supports so you can sleep while standing up on a train, and vending machines for used women's underwear.

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