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As of tomorrow it will have been 100 days since we released our subtitled version of the Ultraman Moebius and the Ultra Brothers movie. As of today, we topped 5000 downloads. And still going strong.

I'm... a little in awe. I mean, I think the movie's totally awesome -- I wouldn't have started translating it the day after I saw it if I didn't think so. But to have five thousand people out there, viewing our work... It's kind of a far cry from sakon76 and I hijacking a video room the night before Fanime so we could have our own showing of the movie on as big a screen as we could find. Most of the time I feel like it's just me and a couple of friends sitting and enjoying Moebius all by our lonesomes while the rest of the world thinks we're just strange. And suddenly I realize that no, we're part of a bigger crowd.

*wavies shyly* Hi, crowd... I hope you enjoyed it! Please support us in the future as we work to get Ultraman Moebius subtitled in English. m(_)m

On an only slightly related note, while trying to find out how to correctly read the name of one of the Moebius directors, I accidentally found out that he has a homepage. Turns out he writes as well as directs. Yet another page I really need to go through and read more on.
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