Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Data Dump

Busy, busy, busy. I thought once Fanime ended things were going to slow down???

Friday: Book signing with Lois. Turned out that there was a Q&A for an hour at the beginning. Wish I had brought something to take notes with. Lots of fascinating stuff. Remembered how much I love listening to Lois talk, and seeing the way she thinks. The detail most people probably care about is that she's contracted for another Miles book, intended to be published in 2009. She's finished the next Sharing Knife book, and is most of the way done with the one after that. She'll figure out what will happen in the Miles book once she's done with that. (Doesn't want to switch universes -- makes sense to me.) She hasn't come up with a plot for the Miles one yet, but she sounded like -- at this time -- she isn't planning on it being the one Aral dies in. *crosses fingers, ohpleaseno*

Lois is good for my soul. Chicken soup, of an odd kind.

Oh, and she's recently gotten into anime. One of the series she mentioned liking is Mirage of Blaze. I now have daydreams of a Lois novel set in feudal Japan.

Came home very, very tired.

Saturday: Got up a bit late, dawdled, eventually made it to Westercon only half an hour behind my intended schedule. Realized that I'm too used to anime cons and their ridiculous lines -- getting there an hour and a half before the panel I wanted to see so that I could reg and make sure to get seats in the room was decidedly excessive. Left time to meet up with friends and chat. Enjoyed hanging with friends, and listening to Lois talk more. Old friends. Friends I don't see anywhere near as often as I should. Headed home from the con mid-afternoon since I was tired. Which felt odd, but good. Consistent with my current aim to Slow. Life. DOWN. Spent part of the evening working on projects and part of the evening hearing about family badness and dealing with that. Meh. If I look trashed the later part of the week, there are reasons for it.

Sunday: Slept 'til 10.

That is so freakish and unnatural, I'm going to say it again: I slept until 10.

Okay, so I did wake up briefly at 6 -- but managed to get back to sleep again. Miracle. Had good dreams. Decidedly unusual. Woke again after getting a cumulative total of 9 1/2 hours of sleep. Amazing. First time I got over 6 hours in... longer than I can count. (And for those of you brushing me off and saying how I get up so early because I like to, understand this: I don't. I do it because the light wakes me up, and once the brain engages, I can't stop thinking enough to sleep. So once I get awake in the morning, I usually stay awake. I can't help it. I wish I could. Saying that I get up early by choice really is only rubbing salt in my wounds, so don't. Use vinegar if you have to, as I like it better.)

Got up, puttered a lot. Finished the project I had been working on the night before just in time to run to the grocery store and pick up supplies before racerxmachina and roseembolism arrived for dinner and script editing. Was pleasantly surprised to run into moof in the parking lot.

Came home. Got everything ready for dinner (BBQ -- mmmm!), got a wee bit of translating in. (Over 2 minutes' worth of run time -- not too shabby.) Hung out, ate, laughed, edited. Called it a good evening, and said we really must do it again.

I? Am currently feeling reasonable content and happy. For the first time since... longer than I can remember. Reaching back until probably March, and the giddy run-up to our Japan trip. I can live with this, yeah.

Tomorrow I go to see Colma, the Musical after work. Because, dude. Colma. The musical. Seriously.
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