Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

While I'm Thinking Of It

Since etoilenoir959 reminded me of when I was complaining about them being clever and untranslatable into English and yuusada asked me what it was that they were doing that was clever... Basically, one of the lines from the opening song -- "I won't let the bonds between us be broken." -- they did this trick that works in Japanese, but not in English. They'll put down the kanji for one word, but put the furigana reading for a different word. In this particularly case, the word for "bonds", they put the furigana for "friendship". So what the line is trying to say is "I won't let this friendship between us be broken." But the word actually used in the song is "bond". Since the song lyrics with the furigana aren't written down, I chose to go with what people hear, rather than the interpretation that can only be found by having a written copy of the lyrics.

Ain't translating Japanese fun?
Tags: subbing, translation, ultraman mebius
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