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Pants and TV

It's not every day I get a phone call from some random guy, demanding that I return my pants to him. And that said phone call renders me into such fits of laughter that I have to leave the building at work before I embarass myself. (And given that I had just finished a conversation involving guys' cables not being long enough, that is saying something.)

Okay. So he's right, I do owe him for the pants. (Yes, mizutamariis I *still* haven't sent copies of my photos to Ezra! *bad, bad, Sandpanther*)

And while I'm being silly...

Too many good things, not enough brain.

I want to watch toku, because that's about the right speed for me right now. Been kind of a busy/stressful, "crayfish, crayfish, PLAGUE of crayfish" kind of week and I just want to put the brain in a bowl and shake it like jell-o. But what to watch?

Den'ou...? Caught up. Nothing new to see here, for all that Yuuichi and his Imajin amuse me. (No, I don't remember his character's name, and really, the only reason I'm paying attention to him is because he showed up in Igarashi's blog -- oh, and he's cute. But, fangirl that I am, reason #1 counts higher). Besides, I've seen every episode twice.

555 would be nice, but, well, no brain power. And I don't remember where I last left off. This series has hit the stage where, really, I should probably just sit down and do a couple of nights' worth of marathoning. Or maybe I see if I can interest roseembolism and racerxmachina in it, and they too can share in the annoyance that is the never-ending KR cliffhangers.

Time Ranger...? Good thought. And yet... I think this series deserves more than an episode here and there, with large gaps of distraction in between. I will save it for when I have more time and brain power.

KR Kabuto...? Too much investment time to get up to speed. Besides, I still harbor hope that maybe I can get sakon76 to catch up to where I am (and maybe even hoshikage if I time it right) and we can geek through it all together.

I'm sure I have more toku backlogged... A long list of classic Ultraman series spring to mind. But those require even more thought that the ones above. Perhaps Gekiranger...? And yet, I don't think I have any of the earlier episodes available any more -- all of them got wiped in the hack, it turns out. With T-N's tracker down, I may have to talk to hoshikage for back episodes.

So, maybe not toku. J-drama...? I'm waaaay behind on Watashitachi no Kyoukasho. The next episode preview makes it look like Igarashi's character might actually do something other than sit there and glower prettily. And yet... depressing. Not so with that. And it will require some effort to remember where the heck I was. Too much effort, in fact. I'll catch up on this later...

Haken no Hinkaku... is something I haven't watched any of yet. Maybe I try it later. Besides, the folder that it's in seems to give the Xbox problems -- it crashed when I tried playing stuff in there earlier. *sigh*

Hanadan 2... I'm saving for watching with friends. Later.

Liar Game -- same as HanaDan 2. *pokes swtjemz*

Huh... I think that might be it for J-drama. I'd say I need to watch more only... uh, yeah. I so don't need more on the in stack right now.

There is, of course, always more Top Gear. That might be the best option -- particularly since it's already in the player. Or -- Oh! I know! I can watch that recording of Targa Newfoundland Rally that I've had kicking around since... uh... March? *wince* I am so out of it on the rallying side, it is pathetic.

... Come to think of it, did I finish watching last week's Atlantis? If not, I should probably do that tonight...

And all that babbling nicely filled the time until my dinner finished nuking. For anyone crazy enough to have made it to the bottom of this post, I salute you. Good night, and good... something

If (\/) (\/) or (\./) (\./) are crayfish, then what would I use to represent a plague of them? ^(\/)^? *ponders*
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