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Some random thoughts

Random thoughts:

- Somebody favoured me greatly this weekend, since the cop car always appeared right after I had been speeding excessively. I even managed to keep my nose clean enough that the guy who decided to follow me (after I did a stop that was a little too close to a California stop than it should have been) didn't get me for anything. (*Phew*!) Yes, Cecil, they were out in force this weekend -- thanks for the warning!

- Amalie is an excellent movie, and everyone should go and watch it.

- Dungeons and Dragons and Barb Wire are both really horrible movies. Reasonable people should avoid them at all costs.

- I wonder if I can get all the junk on my plate at work cleared off tomorrow, 'cause I'm feeling the urge towards another Research Day, since there was a rather noteworthy clue to the location of the tofu shop in the last section of the serialization (thanks, Rence! :), and a friend of mine just handed me a five-page list of Japanese castles that she's found, and doesn't have directions to all of them. Research Girl's touchpad finger is starting to itch...

- I'm back to trying to convince myself that I can pull off a trip to Japan this November. I need to figure out why I couldn't log into my on-line banking this evening so that my bank account may apply the Fiscal Clue stick.

- I'm sure I had something else that was interesting and/or pertinent, but I can't remember at the moment. Must go sleep now. *sigh* No, must go to sleep after the end of the race (yeah, of course I already know how it's going to turn out, but why should that stop me? Anyway, I get to squeal over one of my cels, which just showed up)

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