Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Random Amusement

Wanting to test to see if Japanese fonts were reading correctly on this computer and not remembering the URL to any of the sites I hit regularly that are in Japanese, I plugged "Nishina Masaki" into google, hoping to find his blog. (Which I did, and it is readable, so yay, Japanese fonts!)

The third link down came up with this random tidbit, out of this article from 2004 (hence the age being so young):

• Actress Okouchi Nanako (26) has been romantically linked with actor Nishina Masaki (21), son of vetran actress Nishina Akiko (51). Okouchi has made something of a name for herself in a recent popular afternoon soap opera.

... All of which reminds me that I really should be spending time getting caught up on blogs. ^^;;

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