Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,


My evening:

1. Feh, need to get some stuff on the subbing project knocked out.

2. Why are there still mistakes in this? How many times have I been over this??

3. Oh, wrong version.

4. They're being clever. In a way that makes no sense in English. Why are they being clever? I hate it when they're being clever. (... and it makes my life harder...)

5. No, seriously HOW many times have I been over this and I'm still completely mis-translating lines?!?!??

6. Crap, how is this taking so long?? It was supposed to take ten minutes and now it's two hours later.

7. *hate, hate, seethity hate*

8. All right. Fine. It may take forever, but at least the opening credits stuff will all be spelled correctly. (Unlike a certain other fansub group's...)

9. *watches end credits for movie* Y'know, we did a damn good job on that. A damn good job. *is very proud*

10. Okay, subbing != evil.

11. Going to bed now. *thud*
Tags: subbing, translation, ultraman mebius

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