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Went well. Shockingly well. No major problems on Tech's end. Lots of people sitting around asking for stuff to do and me saying "go have fun, everything's under control." Probably the biggest "disaster" of the weekend came from two Video Programming staffers causing the projector to turn off in the middle of AMVs. How did they do this? They sat on the power strip. Genius. Amazingly, this did not destroy the lamp. (People who know these projectors may oggle in awe appropriately. For those who don't, shutting down this type of projector improperly usually results in the lamp overheating and dying. Those suckers cost $500 or more. My guardian angel? SO looking out for me!)

Hung out with a lot of people I don't see very often. Got to be reminded of why they are so cool.

So, good weekend. Amazingly.
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