Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Watashitachi no Kyoukasho 2-3

Maybe not as depressing as the previous episode. Maybe not. This is certainly not a happy series. In some ways it's almost a Japanese school drama version of Lord of the Flies. Though I suppose no one has started actually eating each other yet. (Though given the whole setup, I don't think I'd be surprised. They certainly are doing a lot of emotional canabalism.)

Interesting in episode 2 to see them compare the relationship between adults and the students to a war. Goes along with all the war imagry in the first episode.

I'm kind of amazed that the main character is managing to retain any faith in humanity at all, dealing with the group of evil, selfish, self-serving people he is. (Though the lawyer? I'm starting to be amused by her brand of evil.)

I watched half of episode 4 as well, but it was only the second half -- I fell asleep for the first half. I still need to go back and re-watch the beginning. The ending was... considering the mood the series is done in, the ending to episode 4 was almost chilling.

Still really liking the cinematic style. Some of the transitions from scene to scene are really nicely done.
Tags: igarashi, j-drama, watashitachi no kyokasho

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