Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Tempest and Friends

Tempest last night was cool. taeriel went with me, and we were unexpectedly joined by arbitus. Thanks for coming with, guys! :)

It turns out it wasn't just Tempest playing, there were some other folks as well. I'm spacing on who the first gentleman was, but the second one was a piper/bagpipe player. Yay, penny whistle! Yay, bagpipes! What struck me most about this musician (Dave Brewer, for reference) was how much fun he was having playing. Here is a guy who genuinely loves what he does. It was great to watch.

He was followed by a group named Cele de We were pretty surprised when they stepped up on stage: they were so young! I mean, I seriously wondered if any of the members had finished high school yet. (Turns out the youngest was born the year after I graduated high school. *sweatdrop* <-- old!) It also turns out they are surprisingly good. Their music covers a wide range -- from classics to classic rock to Celtic rock and anything and everything in between. They do covers, traditional tunes and even original compositions. Turns out one of the members wasn't there, but the group is comprised of drums, guitar, violin, and flute/bass/penny whistle. (She does all three.) Pretty impressive for a group of folks under twenty. And like Dave Brewer, they were having a blast up there. Their enthusiasm was really contageious. Between their energy and their silly banter, I was grinning before too long. I grabbed one of their CDs and will be keeping an eye out for more performances by this group. (You should too -- they're fun!)

Tempest was a walk down memory lane. I used to catch all their gigs in the area, back in the day -- I was practically a groupie! (Other groupies recognized me... *sweatdrop*) But I haven't been regularly hitting Tempest gigs since... Oh, I think it's been about seven years now. (That long? How time flies!) For a while I didn't really like the direction the band went in. But now I think they're heading back into the energetic Celtic music combined with the heavy-hitting guitars of the classic rock era.

Back in the day I could dance pretty much the entire set. This time? I did one song ("Buffalo Jump"), and fell over. I? Am getting old.

So, yeah. Nice evening spent hanging with friends, listening to some excellent music.

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