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Our Textbook 1 - Thoughts

Okay, maybe not the cheery start to the day I was looking for. So far I've only watched the first episode, since I think marathoning this might be unwise. Still, I am somewhat fascinated by it.

First off, the theme. Can the world be changed so that people get along? An age-old question. The contrast between Aizawa's commenting about people suffering from wars and her suffering from school bullying is... an intriguing parallel.

(And before anyone starts doing the "she should just suck it up" thing on the bullying, understand that it is a lot more serious in Japan than here. Group mind social conditioning makes the effects a lot worse -- and what is done overall can be a lot harsher. See the story of the guy who ended up in the hospital repeatedly due to bullying.)

I like the cinematic style. It's very... hm. The only words I can think of to describe it are in foreign languages. It's "aware" (that's a Japanese word that probably equates most closely to "pathos"). Both the filming style and the dialog can be very sparse at times, leaving the viewer to fill in a lot. Considering the difficulty of the subject matter, I think this works a lot better (at least for me) than a more over-explaning style would.

I wonder at this point if the series is going to try and focus on everyone pulling together and sorting out their differences, or if it is going to continue following a trend of showing how people do not get along together. On the one hand, I want to dive into the second episode to see. On the other, I think I've done enough depressing stuff for one day, and should probably move on and do something more productive now.
Tags: igarashi, j-drama, watashitachi no kyokasho

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