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Hooray, Customs!

Thanks to Cecil for this tip...

So, it looks like the personal exception for US Customs has been raised to $800! (There are a few exceptions, but they all deal with places that I do not go to anyway.)

*little happy dance*

So I can have even more peace of mind knowing that I won't get taxed coming back into the country. Not that I usually have a lot of issues, since I know that books, clothing, animation cels, DVDs, laserdiscs, CDs and stationary products (don't ask about this one) all come into the country duty free. But since I"m planning on picking up electronics and video games on this trip, and I don't know about those, I was starting to worry. Fortunately, I will have my mother along on this trip, so I can take advantage of her persona exception anyway. (Don't look at me like that. I know that she wouldn't be using it herself, so I might as well. I'm not as completely one-track minded as some people may think. :)
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