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There's going to be a Wangan Midnight anime. And Ohguri Shun is voicing the main character. Wai! Looks like it's the same staff that did Initial D.

According to Japanese Wiki the actor who played Hirukawa (Katou Kousei) is scheduled to show up in KR Den'ou. Meh. Need to get the media server sorted out, so I can get back to downloading.

No progress made on the media server today. Well, little. I've got all the files I care about off of it, so I suppose that's a huge step. Didn't spend a lot of time on it. Fell into a funk, spent the day watching Densha Otoko instead. I've been really run down and in a funk since getting back from Japan. Good for getting caught up on watching stuff. Bad for, well, anything else.

Random cool thing of the day: I'm lying on the couch when all of a sudden I hear the WRC theme. The old one. It took me a minute to realize that it was my cell phone ringing. I use almost no custom ring tones -- just one for Jan (that doesn't work, since she has caller ID blocked), and my rally friends (which usually doesn't work, since caller ID doesn't get passed through when I'm out of the country.) Sure enough, it was Ezra. *daishokku* He was at his first anime con, about to step into a concert. I was highly amused. He had some lovely, Ezra-esque things to say about anime fans (muttered sote voce -- or as soto voce as Ezra ever gets) that were, well, let's just say they were not wrong. It made me grin.

I need to get new tires. I'm debating between finally trying out the new Azenis RT-615, or maybe going with the BF Goodrich g-Force Sport. I haven't been autox'ing recently, so I'm pondering placing more emphasis on longer tread life. OTOH, I really do want to get back to autox'ing. *ponders*

Mmm... ijou desu.

Edit: progress on the media server slowed more... I found that the utility that yuusada handed me has a deleted file recover option. Am not seeing what of the deleted files can be retrieved. Also found that the hacker missed my bookmark files. Important note to self: While it's best not to under-estimate the sneakiness of a hacker, it's worth not over-estimating them either. 'Cause, really, if they were all that bright, they would find something more entertaining to do.

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