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I hate Rally America's web site. I'm not entirely feeling warm and cuddly about OT's either. Yeah, I know the event just finished today -- but is an entry list too much to ask for?? And how about some news on TP? I mean, it's not like he's your big title draw or anything -- even a little mention that he wasn't running could be helpful.

This? This is why I want to have the time to work on Rally Pass. Because most US rally web site irritate me no end with how I completely and totally cannot find any information on them. (No, wait. Wasn't it because I wanted to be able to legitimately ask for press credentials, so I would have the nifty badge that says I can stand in whatever stupid spot I want? Er...)

Mebius peeps, you may want to re-watch episode 17. I found it fascinating. It also pointed out to me that I will have to re-watch any episode I want to show to racerxmachina and roseembolism before sitting down with them to watch. Because if I don't re-watch it first, I will probably hit one of the author's lovely little hidden gifts and confuse them utterly by spazzing/and or going "I can't believe how *obvious* it all is now!" I almost had a moment in the episode where I was even more in awe of the productions attention to detail -- almost. So close, and yet so... not. Ah well. Either way, it's worth re-watching 17, then pull up the end of 50. The similarities are striking.

Randomly, I've started keeping a list of interesting information from each episode as I'm watching through it... Counts of how often who ends up in the infirmary, foreshadowing bit/things that will show up in flashbacks, that kind of thing. Will probably post it, though not sure what the best forum for it will be.

On a related note, I appear to have waited too long to get my act together as both Igarashi and Hirata have updated again. Igarashi says that Drift 4 will be out in 4 days. I need to figure out how to watch this. (And, like, the earlier ones too...?) He's the main character. I wanna see Igarashi drifting!!

Which, randomly, reminds me that even if the US drift season hasn't started already (which it should have, come to think of it), they should at least have the 2007 calendar up somewhere. Hmm... Looks like it started last week, and that the one at Infineon is on August 11. Weekend after Summer X. Feh. Anyone wanna go with me to see some drifting? (*pokes swtjemz*)
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