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More On Speed's WRC Coverage

Taking a break from speed-reading pages of kanji to research some other stuff, I came across an interesting thread on one board regarding Speed's lack of same-day coverage of WRC this year. Particularly of note is a letter from Jim Libratore, president of SpeedTV, regarding one fan's letter. The thread can be found here, with most of the interesting stuff on the second page.

I have to admit, the reasons laid out for not doing same-day coverage make a certain amount of sense (from a business standpoint, not as a fan), and do seem consistent with the way that Speed is marketing their rally coverage this year. *sigh*

I'm a little disturbed by the implication (stated in the response from Jim L.) that I'm a "hard-core" fan. Maybe -- maybe now*. But I only started watching with last year's Rally Australia, so I can't have been a "hard-core" fan then, and I happily watched all three days (and came back for more. And more. And...)

* I don't really think that anyone who just started watching a sport a mere four months ago could be considered "hard-core". "Obsessive", yes. "Insane", probably. But not "hard-core". I think that's something that only comes from years of carefully cultivated obsession.

I almost wonder if they were expected too much results too fast. Particularly since in my experience, it's been somewhat tedious tracking down the rally coverage on Speed. Ah, if only they would fix their TiVo listings.

For those interested in more info about the narrow tires they ran in Sweden, there is an interesting article here.

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