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Random Trip Data

New flavours of Pocky: Tiramisu Mousse Pocky, Berry Mousse Pocky, Mango Mousse Pocky. (I didn't get to try any of the latter -- I'm hoping the local Mitsuwa will be importing some.)

Ice creams: Sesame, purple sweet potato, sakura, purple grape, millet, tofu, ume (Japanese plum), and maple manju (a specialty of Miyajima)

Thoughts on new ice creams:
- Purple grape: Yup. Grape.
- Millet: Good. Not recalling exactly what it tasted like at the moment, but it was worthy.
- Tofu: Not trying that again. Had a bitter after taste that I didn't enjoy.
- Ume: Very, very tasty. Need more of this.
- Maple manju: This was good, though I can't entirely remember what it tasted like. A waffle, I think

Missed ice cream flavours:
- Brown rice. I had the ume while I was at that place, and we just kept not circling back by any time when I wasn't completely stuffed.
- Bitter chocolate. This was found at the AM-PM around the corner, and again, just never there when I wasn't already about to explode, or was running to catch a train.
- Deer dropping. I kid you not, we found a place that was selling something that claimed to be "deer dropping" ice cream. Too bad we didn't notice the sign until after everyone had already ordered, because otherwise I'm sure Jan or I would have tried it. Said place was in Nara, which at least makes it marginally less strange.

There is an ice cream store on Nakamise-dori (leading up to Sensou-ji/Asakusa Kanon) that had most of the above flavours, and is fairly accessible.

New addiction: Chlorets XP blue gum. This stuff saved my sinuses. It can nuke out all the grunge in my nose so I can breathe clearly. I ceased feeling like a dork that the only reason I bought the stuff (at first) was because Igarashi Shunji lists it as a favorite food. Now, I have at least eight packs of the stuff secreted about my luggage, and am hoping that Mitsuwa will start importing it so that I don't have to ask hoshikage to bring some back for me when she goes in September.

Score of the trip: "Mask Off" -- a Kamen Rider Agito character film book that I've been looking for for more years than I can remember. I found it and did the happy dance. Yes, right there in the store. Who notices a crazy gaijin doing crazy things?

Next biggest score of the trip: Ultraman Mebius and the Ultra Brothers pencilboard. I think I had seen a picture of one of these once, as a promo for the movie. They had it as a present at Ishimaru, but only for people who spent over $300. Once I realized that I seriously pondered going back and spending a heap more money. Fortunately the nice salesman who helped sakon76 took pity on the mad fangirls and gave her not one, but two pencilboards. Yay, nice salesman! It made an excellent finale to the Day of Fangirl Pilgrimage 1.

Strangest CD of the trip: "Ukelele Ultraman" Because who could resist?

DVDs: Got the Mebius DVDs that I've been missing, along with a complete set of Ultraman Gaia. Also, Rally Mexico DVD from 2006, since I hadn't found it when I was in Japan in November.

CDs: The aforementioned "Ukelele Ultraman", along with the Mebi movie soundtrack and both series soundtracks. The Kagrra album with "Utakata" on it. (Which was the only Kagrra I found all trip -- yay for finding "Utakata"!) A couple of Siam Shade albums, 'cause I was there and they were there. The Hirohisa Ayako album that has the Japanese version of "Jupiter" on it. And somewhere around here is a single by Sakai Noriko that I have been looking for for years. (Now all I have to do is find said CD in my luggage...)

Random: K&D found a Miklas model for me. I successfully navigated to the Ultraman Store in Tokyo Station not once but twice and was rewarded with a new wallet and a cool Ultraman mug. Sadly, Mebi merchandising was almost completely missing, and about all I could find were Ultraman Moebius tissues. I am not blowing my nose (or wiping my bum) with Mirai. Ick.

Completely failed to find "Mirai", despite extensive searching. I feel better about having to order it.

Conversation of the trip: Jan: "Am I looking at a twenty foot tall tire Godzilla?" Me: "Uh... yes. Yes, you are." Jan: "Did we walk right by a twenty foot tall tire Godzilla and not even notice?" Me: "Um... Sadly, yes. We did. We are dorks."

Yes, we found a twenty foot tall Godzilla, made entirely of tires.

Random weird TV program of the trip: A strange award program that was handing out awards for Top Japanese Historical Religious Figure. Said program involved sticking various historical religious figures into an arena for a knock-down, drag-out fight -- which was commentated on by Son Goku of Dragonball fame. I can't remember how all the matches went, but it faced off Musashibo Benkei against Himiko (Benkei unsurprisingly won that), Amakusa Shirou against Prince Shoutoku and... I forgot the other match. Prince Shoutoku stood on Amakusa Shirou's head and drowned him, which I thought was particularly apropos. The whole thing was conducted with a lovely air of WTF???

Random weird sign: The one that said "In the winter we bump into each other more because of our clothing". Still not entirely positive what it was trying to say. Same sign also exhorted people to always carry a portable ashtray, and had a line of icons for a purse, cell phone and a couple of other things I can't remember. None of which struck me as good things to use as an ashtray. Will post picture of this oddness later.

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