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PBJ o Tabita

Couldn't sleep. "have to wake up to start the rally radio" + "there is no way on earth I am getting all these bugs fixed today" combined to equal no sleep for me. :(

So, now I am sitting on the couch, wearing the hat that Petter signed just before winning the championship. I put up the flag that he waved just after he won his last rally -- this rally. And I cheer as the very early results look (so far) positive. Long way to go. Story of my life.

Ran the encode (minus the editor's notes). It took four hours. And aparently I don't understand how to set up the target file size thing correctly. The finished file is 1.6 GB. Obviously some tinkering will be required here. I didn't have a chance to check what the rendered file looks like. Will do that this evening, after the rally coverage is off.

Big weekend planned of cleaning up various odds and ends while listening to the rally and cheering on my guys. (Lots and lots of 'em. :) For the moment the dilemna on how to watch this week's episode is resolve through the simple solution of ZT being down. Hello YouTube? *sigh*

*stares at title* Blogs eat my brain. Blogs will be edited this weekend. I will get caught up! *flames of determination*
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