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UM 46: Fushimi no Grotesaurus

These comments brought to you by me and sakon76 (who says she has nothing to add.)

I am so freaking in awe of the writers. How they've been foreshadowing, and the little hints they've been tossing in since forever. *bows in awe* That little tip Mirai does to Seven with Konomi dates back to episode four. *awe* This whole series is put together to tightly it's just incredible.

Other comments...

Teppei: Does the math really darn fast. Though how did he end up with a fever that quickly?

Konomi: Yay, Konomi! She does the math pretty darn fast, too. It took her no time to figure out that, yes, this is one of Mirai's relatives. Not sure how long it took her to figure out which relative.

It took me a while to figure it out, but of course Konomi parallels with Seven. Because she does all the work with the Marquette monsters. *is amused* And again, the authors think through every little detail.

Yay girl power! That was pretty darn cool.

Asami poking all the wounded guys. Teppei was brilliant, just keeling over before he got poked.

Ganbatte Konomi! Yoku yatta ne!

Lim showed up to cheer on Konomi. So cool!

This was a nice, light episode. We saw a lot of the team interacting, and most of them got to have at least one moment where they shone in their own special way. (Okay, not so much for the injured ones...) If the next episode preview is anything judge by, having a light episode to space out the past couple is a good thing.

Randomly, those two guys we can't figure out in the movie? This is their Wiki entry. They're an owarai konbi.
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