Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Sakura Jouhou

I saw the most gorgeous weeping cherry today that was in full blossom. It made me want to cry. *sniff, sniff*

My mother noticed that the cherry trees around here are starting to blossom and told me in a concerned tone of voice that she thinks that we are going to miss the cherry blossoms this year. I am zen-like, and supremely unconcerned.

I am also Research Girl, so I went and got some data to back up my lack of concern. Yomiuri Shinbun says that we're currently dead on target, with the trees starting in our part of Kyoto on 3/25. Which means they will be perfect by the time we get there. Forecast for the Kinki area can be found here. Tokyo area will start around the same time to a week later. That forecast can be found here. Jan and I might get some blossoms in Nagano (starting 4/5), but we will see.
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