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Letter to Tsuburaya: Moebius 45

Dear Tsuburaya,

Okay, I totally forgive you for the annoying Ultra Papa episode. (Even the deeply disturbing stupid monster butt-wiggle, ja-jan.) My irritation with the super-mama episode is a things of the distant past. Rather, I feel grateful to you now. Because if you had not put in a few mediocre episodes I never have been able to stand the infinite coolness of the last several episodes and would have exploded into an icky mess of joy by now. Instead, I am now merely a melted puddle of happy fangirl. Thank you, you totally rock!

Love and kisses,
One Very Happy Fangirl

P.S. Thank you for the bone at the end. It was most tasty.

Beginning of the episode: holy creepy shades of Challenger, Batman. I wonder if it affected a generation of Japanese people as deeply as it affected a generation of American geeks? I think that scene will always remain somewhat painful to watch for me, and not just for reasons of plot.

The monsters now are much with the psychological warfare. Specifically sending one of his friend to tell Moebius to give up, rather than just using a generalized broadcast -- now that's my kind of pathos.

The subtle interactions between George and Mirai this episode are wonderful. Mirai's nod as he leave George's hospital bed of "I'm going -- will you be okay?", and George's returning nod of "of course you are -- go!" George crawling out from his sickbed to provide backup, the perfect shot at just the right time. George saying "you know my dream when I was a kid was to be you." I like George's pep talks. They are unexpectedly understated.

It appears that Hirukawa has not yet fulfilled his promise of not keeping silent about what he knows. I expect that will still be coming. Or perhaps he will be redeemed by the end? ... And yet, somehow, I think, not. In like with Jack's comments in this episode, Mirai needs to see that there is more to humans than their friendship and courage and determination. There are dark spots as well. And you cannot truly love someone without also seeing their bad points, and accepting that while you don't like them, they are part of what makes them who they are.

As an aside, Jack is the one who, in the movie, asked Mirai if the reality of being on Earth was harder than what he had expected. My hat is off to the writers for keeping that thread consistent, for all that there had to be a year or more's time between when they wrote the first line and when they wrote its partner. They continue to impress me with the complexity of a series that, on the surface, is simple and childish. Much like Mirai, I think.

Jack's talk has an interesting echo to Sakomizu's lines at the end of episode 42. That part of the point is for Moebius to work side by side with humanity, sharing in their victories and defeats, joy and pain, the good parts along with the bad. Side by side.

Working in the "Ultraman ga kaette kita!" line was a nice tip of the hat.

And the reunion of the whole team. What to say other than *SQUEEEEEEE* THANK YOU, TSUBARAYA!!! You know you wanted to go there. You'd already gone there, so why the shilly-shallying in the last set of episodes? Ah, never mind. I don't really care. Just keep making the fangirl happy and all is well.

Or it will be once I can stop having to use YouTube to re-watch the episodes. *sigh* But the internet is a most wonderous thing that allows me access to my crack even when one source is (temporarily) dry.

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