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(Posting here, since swtjemz wants to hear the squealing. Which will probably be more sedate than she expects, due to being really tired and having a headache.)

Mmm, there is some mighty pretty stuff in here. I haven't finished going through it all yet (I hit the 100 Q&A section and kind of, uh, got sidetracked), but yeah, pretty! Pretty enough that there was a shot with a car in it and I completely missed there was a car there until swtjemz pointed it out to me. I'll be translating the Q&A section, since far too much of it amuses me.

There is a section with pics from the making of the movie, which is pretty cool. One of the pics is from the event where they surprised Igarashi-san with a cake on his birthday, and he started crying. I read about it on his blog, so I'm pleased to see pics of it.

And that's about all I'm going to manage to say on the matter tonight. 'Cause I"m feeling pretty wiped. (Seems like it's going around.)
Tags: ultraman mebius

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