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Oh, this should be a joy... While trying to find copies of the movie on DVD (there are, as far as I can tell, none to be had for love, and only a few to be had for money -- and then only for lots and lots of money) I found a link to Tsuburaya-related stores. I had forgotten that there is one in Tokyo Station. Or, rather, the shopping arcade attached to Tokyo Station.

I vaguely remember where it is. I found it while trying to locat the ATM machine that used to take foreign cards (but didn't the last time I was there), which is somewhere near (but not on) Orange Road, near the motorsports store. Look for lots and lots of lingerie stores and you know you're almost there.

Yeah. Those should make perfect directions. On the bright side, I seem to remember that there was a good Italian restaurant near-by. So at least we can get food while wandering around lost for hours.

Oh, and just to share the joy? There was a J-drama store across from the Ultraman store the last time I was there.

Edit: Man, I'm good. A map to the store came up on the second link off of Google. It looks like there might be a bunch of other interesting stores near-by, including a Bandai store and a Jump-kei store.
Tags: japan 2007, ultraman

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