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Well, That's Novel

For some odd reason, I thought I was safe. I thought it was cute when things that sakon76 wrote showed up in series. I laughed so hard when hoshikage complained that another of her fics got invalidated by series continuity. But I've been writing Moebius fanfic for months now, and not even had a hint of anything in series coming close to what I was writing.

Until now.

Today I discovered that I seem to share in this strange psychic link the alliterative fangirls have with the writers in Japan. Today I discovered that the plot for the very long fanfic that I started back in November appears to nearly exactly parallel the end of the series. Which -- I have to say -- is a mighty odd feeling.

Now if someone could explain to me how this keeps happening I would be most obliged.

On a related note, if anyone who is not on my toku filter (if you read my ficblog post from earlier today, you are on that filter) wants to read my fanfic, please tell me. Though I will warn you that if you were scared by the Maposaurus commercial, you will probably be scared by the fic.

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