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Can I Bitch-Slap Her With A Clue-By-Four? Please?

What the hell makes every idiot out there with maybe a semester of Japanese think that they know more than the translator?!? Every time I hear "I don't know very much Japanese, but I think this was translated wrong," I want bludgeon the idiot over the head with my dictionary until they get a clue.

So, that damn stupid bitch over on the Lame List is back (the one who is the reason I refuse to post on that list to begin with), complaining that I skipped some text, and didn't translate the &*($% sign-post! Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize that "Please come and enjoy the beautiful nature of Akagi" was just so bloody important. Reminds me why I don't bother sharing my translations that much.

This, by the way, is the idiot who goes on about how she likes the TokyoPoop version. I really don't see where she gets off complaining at me about my translations. I at least know the character's names, for cryin' out loud.

Why is it that 98% of the English-speaking IniD fans are freakin' idiots!? I'd like to believe that I don't know all the bright ones out there, but empirical evidence so far suggests otherwise.
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