Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

The Sweet Smell Of... Cookbook?

I just set my cookbook on fire. >.>

While I'm hiding in the living room waiting for the fumes to clear out so I can return to cooking books dinner, I decided to make a list of what's on Mirai's desk in the movie.

That I can identify, the following sit at Mirai's workstation:

- Something that looks like a gyroscope. (spinning thing!)

- A daruma

- A gold bust or statue, figure unknown

- A carved wooden Indian tooth with a face in it.

- A maneki neko

- A wooden statue of some unknown figure

- A rocket; this may actualy be sitting on Sakomizu's desk, given it's placement.

Okay, back to reading fic while watching movie and hiding from reality. And the smoke.

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