Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Stairs and Flailing

While in Japan I found that I was fine going up the stairs. But going down was painful. I lamented that stairmasters work great for working the up muscles, but are useless for the down.

Well, I now have a solution to that: the company I work for just moved. We are now located on the tenth floor. Today I went down fourty flights of stairs and up ten. (I'm working on getting those numbers a bit closer to each other, but it will take a while.)

I was watching the Japan Music Awards while chatting with sakon76:

SwordKitty: Oh my word. Julia has corrupted my brain. I now recognize random Japanese pop stuff. And like it.
SwordKitty: That last part? That really disturbs me.

Sakon76: What, the liking it?

SwordKitty: Yeah.
SwordKitty: It's not the sort of thing I would usually like.
SwordKitty: And one of the singers really needs to realize that skirts are wider that my handspan.

Sakon76: Brainwashing/behavior modification?

SwordKitty: Yeah.
SwordKitty: *is amused by the Japanese group trying to look like gangstas*
SwordKitty: *sigh* I guess I won't be erasing this program. Just to keep that song.
SwordKitty: Oh, scary. I really do need to keep this for Julia. It's got Wind-s.
SwordKitty: (She hasn't brainwashed me into liking Wind-s yet. I think that's a lost cause.)
SwordKitty: Sorry, that's supposed to be W-inds.

Sakon76: Because where the hyphen goes is really important.
Sakon76: Makes American boyband names almost make sense in comparison. :)

SwordKitty: Yeah, she chewed me out for putting it in the wrong spot.
SwordKitty: Come to think of it, she probably has this already.
SwordKitty: Oh, no. Not this song. I really don't like it. *fast forwards*
SwordKitty: Remind me why I'm watching this and not staring at pretty guys?

Sakon76: Um. Because you want to find out if you can erase it? Except you already did, so... dunno.

SwordKitty: Yeah. Some days I'm really not that bright...
SwordKitty: I could be reading cool fanfic. Or watching cute guys. Or re-watching nifty Mebi episodes.
SwordKitty: But no. I'm watching a band that I don't really like sing a song I don't care much for. (Though it's starting to sound really catchy... AIEEEE! The brainwashing!!!)</i>

For reference, the songs in question were "Won't Be Long" (Exile/Kouda Kumi) and "Boogie Woogie 66" (W-inds)
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