Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

UM 41: Omoide no Sensei

Loved this episode... just loved it. Am currently on my third re-watch.

For starters... Ryuu getting Mirai an Ultraman 80 figurine: much with the *SQUEEEE* That was just... oh my word, *squeee* And once again, the mad fangirls are psychic again. Though Ryuu? Didn't you figure out when Isana was there that you *really* should check to see who is in the room before spouting off stuff that is supposedly secret? Or at least check to see if the person you are trying to talk to is present...

This is one of the warmest, fuzziest episodes to date. Awww.... It had me squealing pretty much the entire episode through. Which is a bit strange, considering that I've never seen a single episode of Ultraman 80. In my defense I will say that I totally love San-nen B-Gumi Kinpachi-sensei. That, and the episode hit pretty much every single thing that I like about Moebius.

I liked watching the theme of memories get played out through the episode. Moebius, for all that it stands on its own, is also a series that is about memories. Fourty years' worth of Ultraman memories went into it, and each episode new memories are made. And yet as we approach the end of the series there is a quiet undercurrent of regret that soon, memories will be all that remains. And so it all goes on. In twenty-five years will we get to see Crew GUYS Japan enjoying a reunion with their Ultraman while the new generation looks on and comments about it to theirs? One thing ends, but the cycle of life continues.

I have three incredibly minor things that I wish had showed up in this episode.

First: Aihara Kyouko. Because I wanna see if the fangirls are right and she is Ryuu's aunt. Yeah, I'm shallow that way.

Second: With the return of Enban Seibutsu I was hoping we would see more of the "someone is out to get Moebius" plot. At the rate we're going currently, I am worried that the ending will turn out feeling really abrupt. I should just trust the writers more, but... Well, not worrying is really not my style.

Third: I liked seeing interaction with the rest of the team, but I would have liked to see them just a wee bit more effective. Not much more, just more than, well, show up, shot things, and shrug.

But these are minor nits to pick. Overall, I am most pleased with this episode. We're back to stuff that reminds me what I like so much about the series.

And on an only slightly related note: RAR! YesAsia just cancelled my order for the Moebius movie, claiming that it's out of stock and won't be replaced. *sobs* But it just came OUT yesterday!!! *wails* YesAsia, you have failed me. I will never again order from you again. If I had gone with someone else, I would have my movie winging its way to me even now.

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