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Hotel Maps and Access

Ryokan Kangetsu:

By rail: From Tokyo station get on the Keihin Tohoku line toward Shinagawa/Kawasaki. Get off at Kamata (This should be three stops beyond Shinagawa.) Transfer onto the Tokyu Ikegami line. Get off at Chidoricho stop. (It should be two stops down from Kamata.) Follow one of the maps below:

Mapfan version of where Ryokan Kangestus is

JNTO's map

Kangetsu's map

Hotel Iida:

ZIP CODE 600-8216
TEL 075-341-3256

Map from Hotel Iida's site

Get off at the JR Kyoto station. Go out the Kyoto Tower side. Follow the map.

More detailed directions: When you get off the Shinkansen, head down the stairs. There should be a ticket gate directly in front of you. If there is not a ticket gate directly in front of you, rotate 180 degrees, and there will be a ticket gate directly in front of you. There will also be a gate to your right, but you want to ignore it. (Okay, you can go out it if you want. But it's more crowded.)

After heading out the gate, turn right. You will go up a level -- there are escalators -- and along a concourse. Continue on this until you come to another set of stairs/escalators. Go down. Turn right and walk along, you will find the main entrance to Kyoto Station. You can't miss it, there will be people everywhere, and the platforms for the bus terminal on your left. In front of you, you will see Kyoto Tower. Follow the crowds bearing right to a gignormous intersection. (Okay, gignormous by Japanese standards.) Cross this intersection diagonally. (It's a scramble, so it's okay.) On the other side, bear to the right. Turn left when you reach the first thing remotely resembling a street. (We would call it an alleyway; in Japan, it's a street.) Hotel Iida is the third building on your right.
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