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No, I didn't just turn into a W-inds fan. (As evidenced by not knowing how to spell the group's name correctly...) I just need to know when my ducklings are going to be where so I can plan. There are more dates, but we won't be there then, so I don't care.

3月31日(土曜日)名古屋18:30 March 31st (Saturday) Nagoya 18: 30
4月1日(日曜日)名古屋 14:00 April 1st (Sunday) Nagoya 14: 00
4月1日(日曜日)名古屋 18:30 April 1st (Sunday) Nagoya 18: 30
4月4日(水曜日)東京 18:30 April 4th (Wednesday) Tokyo 18: 30
4月5日(木曜日 東京 14:00 April 5th (Thursday) Tokyo 14: 00
4月5日(木曜日)東京 18:30 April 5th (Thursday) Tokyo 18: 30
4月6日(金曜日)東京 18:30 April 6th (Friday) Tokyo 18: 30
4月7日(土曜日)東京 18:30 April 7th (Saturday) Tokyo 18: 30

linkie. The station stop is Makuhari-Hongo. From Akihabara, catch the Sobu headed to Chiba. Makuhari-Hongo is the 14th stop on the local. (If you are feeling fancy you can probably catch the rapid, then change over to the local at the appropriate point. Or just ride the local and enjoy the scenery.)

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