Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Moebius 39

So, uh, sakon76, I'll do the Ultra Papa episode if you do this one?

What to say about this episode? Did the main cast need to take a vacation? They were nearly completly missing. As cool as it was seeing Sayuri: super mom, I would have liked to have seen the main characters appear as something other than window dressing.

It took two viewings to conclude that this episode isn't all that bad. It's highly formulaic, which surprised me. So far the writers have generally been pretty good at putting an unusual twist -- or at least a subtle spin -- on the standard themes. If this episode does, I haven't found it yet. I suppose in this regard it's a good homage. But it's really not what I expect out of this series. I'm still left with a lingering feeling that most of the good writers took a vacation right around here. (I guess this stuff was being written during Obon, so maybe that's why...?)

It's not that it's a bad episode. It's just not a good one. The bad guys needed just a little bit more of a reason why they were doing things. (Seriously, folks, how hard would it have been to have hooked this into the whole "someone is out to get Moebius" plot, and maybe even thrown us a wee bone one what's up with that??) Our Heros needed to be just a little more present -- and doing something useful while they were present. (And teach them how not to get killed when going into a room full of hostile aliens? I watched that sequence and was howling by the end that they all needed to die because they are so dim. Oh, and when faced with a group of hostile aliens? Point your gun at them at all times!! Seriously! And Ryuu, this might have been a good time to exercise that "shoot first, ask question later" gene of yours.) All in all, it felt like there wasn't enough time to put in everything that needed to be here. And the parts that landed on the cutting room floor are all the parts that I value most in the show. So it's really not high on my list of episodes to re-watch.

I'm being excessively mean to episodes now. I got spoiled by the really good streak from 21 through to the early 30's. And I know that we're running out of episodes. As good as the stuff in the 20's and early 30's was, I don't want that to be the absolute best this series has to offer. I know there is still a lot more there. And yet, out of the last four episodes we've gotten I've thought two were pretty weak, and one of them was merely okay. The episode with Isana rocked becuase it focused on what I care about in the series: the main characters.

Next up: Giant hallucinagenic flower monster. Which is actually about all I know about the episode from the preview. I am cautiously hopeful that maybe that episode will have a bit more of the coolness that I've come to expect from Moebius.
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