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More Research

Some of these are mighty close to the right shot.

Close, but not quite the picture that I wanted.

(Oh, and just for those keeping track (which would just be me, since I don't think anyone else is quite so ob--*ahem* detail-oriented), there is an onsen at the foot of the course. What a surprise.)

Archeology, anyone?

Some of the famous cherry trees

Lots of photos of dams

Don't ask me why I'm keeping this, but it lists where there are some bathrooms on the course. Just what I need, pictures of toilets in remote areas of foreign countries.

Yoshida home page

Some useful links on Saitama (and other Kantou prefectures.

Some interesting panorama and scenery shots

More about dams than you really wanted to know. From that page was a link to pretty much the shot I wanted.


And just because I haven't put this page up yet, it's The Kakkau Dam home page

The Saitama News. Why am I keeping this? Who knows. Maybe it will be useful later.

That finished through page 5 on the Google search. More later.
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