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No Glowing Rainbow Monster Sex On A T-Shirt

I've doing my own version of hoshikage's Great Toku Project (to a much, much lesser degree.) Following are the latest two "gems" I watched:

The Big Bus</a> and Death Race 2000 on DVD -- was a sequence that, as far as I could tell, was monsters having sex via a glowing rainbow bridge. With really bad lounge music. My friend cried out "How could they do that to perfectly good lounge music???" and then threatened to send me the therapy bills if I made him watch any more.

This did also inspire the comment that gives this post its title. Since sakon76 said that I need "Glowing Rainbow Monster Sex" as a slogan on a t-shirt. Personally, I think not.

How could I not watch something with a title like Henshin Ninja Arashi? Ninja transforming into rubber suited heros in feudal Japan!

That said, this is pretty darn special. It is an older show -- mid 70's I would guess. I only saw one episode but it inclined me to think that this is probably not going to do a lot with deep plot and character development. I will probably try to track down more later, but it's not currently a high priority.

I looked this one up because it's supposed to have Itou Kentarou (Hishou of Raideen fame) in it. Though I think he's actually in the sequel. Even so, this looks like it has a lot of potential, so I'm not sorry to have downloaded it. It fails to be overly silly, and has reasonable plot and characters. (For all that we are currently stuck in "all our heros must fight each other" mode.) More of this is downloading as I type.

Cool looking guy in trench coat with sword always bears checking out. This is more horror-esque than I was expecting. Even so, it looks like it might have potential. We will see.

This will have to be one totally rockin' show for me to be unkind enough to inflict it on other people, however. The copies I have are subtitled (they were what I found first) and the subtitlers decided to use some fonts that are awfully difficult to read. They also don't take into account that the bottom on TV sets varies, so the titles are sometimes cut off. Add in purple colors for the fonts and it all makes me very glad that I usually ignore the subtitles anyway.

End song for Gransazer: Kimi o Tsurete Iku, sung by Abe Mami, lyrics by 326, published on Terebi Tokyo Music

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