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Ep. 38 - Running commentary

I notice that we start en media res again. The writers seem highly fond of this as a writing style. (Yes, I had noticed this earlier, it is not news.) Though at least it is not as confusing as the Leo episode, where we come in halfway through the fight.

Arigera is not listed in my references as having previously appeared in Ultraman continuity. That it has a Registry Code assigned to it already implies to me that the monster has shown up previously in Moebius continuity and been fought off (since they don't generate Registry Codes *that* fast.)

Moebius transforming out of the plane was most, most sparkly. Wai!

Isana knows Sakomizu? And they are being all mysteEEEEEEErious about it? Argh, they taunt me! Is this more of the "something is up with Sakomizu"? Or is it something that will be resolved in the episode? Impatient fangirls need to take the video off pause.

Gee, and I thought Mirai was low on the subtlty quotient. The rest of the group really needs to get out of the habit of talking openly about Mirai = Moebius all the time. They just don't have the sense to keep track of who else is around. Okay, to be fair it's really on ly Ryuu being dim. (Mirai is rubbing off on him?)

(And, really, Mirai? It's not that hard to close the jacket first next time. Isana isn't the only one out of the know around the base.)

I note that I really cannot type in English and listen in Japanese and expect either to make any sense.

Was really amused at the group critique on Moebius's style durring the fight. I'm really enjoying the group cameradarie.

I like the blue GUYS jackets much better than the usual ones. I think our crew all need to apply for a transfer.

Okay, the discussion on the Grand Plan illustrated with the models? Way too cute. *is most amused* Though... Where the heck did Teppei get a model of Arigera that quickly?

Isana has kanji for his name. I guess he can't be that important, huh? All the important characters don't.

They're doing some really nice visual work on this episode. Like the sequence where Moebius saves Isana -- nice!

No kousen this episode. Interesting. It's a nice change.

Isana's big secret: So maybe his earlier conversation with Sakomizu didn't have anything to do with the great "something is up with Sakomizu" conspiracy. *pauses to wonder why, if Isana is the commander for GUYS Ocean why he has to ask Sakomizu for permission to use METOER* I guess it's part of not giving away Isana's "big secret".

Though... I persist in believing there is Something Up With Sakomizu. Now we get Isana, who, just because he had one secret revealed doesn't mean that he doesn't have other ones, is also in charge of a branch of GUYS. I am mostly likely being overly paranoid at this point. And yet...

Isana's last message... KYAAAAA!!!!! *falls over cheering* Finally! Someone thinks about the cockpit radio transmissions! *cheers a whole lot* I've been wondering about that for-eVAR. So... Will they stop refering to Moebius as "Mirai" over the comm now? Or -- and this is quite the stretch to expect -- check who is in the room before they go on about stuff that is supposed to be "secret"?

(Notes that, as expected, Toriyama misses some pretty obvious hints.)

And once again we have a monster that is specifically gunning for Moebius. Folks really should be starting to ask why.

Next episode looks like it has high potential for being silly. And it looks to feature Orphenochs from Kamen Rider 555.

I begin to think that I got really spoiled by that set of really good episodes from 29-25. That combined with knowing that there aren't too many more episodes makes me really cranky any time we get a sub-standard episode. (38 wasn't. I'm worried that 39 will be. 37 definitely was. 36 wasn't my favorite either, but at least it had redeeming qualities.)

Oh! No wonder Isana looks familiar! He's Kaiza in Kamen Rider 555. Which explains why he had a bit part in Kabuto. (Episode 3... I can't even remember the character. Guess I have to rewatch the episode, huh?) Makes me wonder if this episode was meant to be a subtle nod to the 35 year anniversary of Kamen Rider. (Or at least the casting maybe is...?) Anyway, the Japanese Wiki entry for him can be found here and his homepage is at the Kouhei Murakami Official Web Page
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