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Grabbed from shipofools999

In 2007, sandpanther resolves to...
Cut down to ten japanese castles a day.
Apply for a new wrc.
Spend less time on subaru.
Find a better anime.
Go to the ultraman mebius every month.
Put fifty ultraman moebius a month into my savings account.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Resolutions? Goals? Just things to keep in mind? Hard to say...

1. Autocross/rallycross. Driving in general. I have not been doing enough of it, and it is beginning to drive me insane.

2. Iaido. I should never have dropped it to the extent that I have. Getting back to it will probably be a challenge -- I know how much I have lost. But I really have to do it.

3. Follow the WRC. Yeah, I was listening to some of the events live this year. But I watched almost none of it. And I skipped a lot of events, either to attend another rally, or to be more social with "real life" friends. Yesterday I watched some rallies, and today I was listening to the Wales coverage and, wow, have I been missing this stuff.

Things that I have been doing more of that I need to continue doing:

3. Going to the gym. Because I've really been enjoying it. And it's time to lose some weight.

4. Continue hanging out with friends more. I spent a year and a half in a pit, thinking "when things get better, I'll go be more social." Well, given the rate things aren't getting better, I might as well just say screw it and go enjoy things. There is no point in waiting, since it only makes me miss out on things. Besides, I'm having fun reconnecting and hanging out with folks.


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