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UM: 37, 38, and Random Past Episodes

Uh, yeah. The cut tag says a lot of it. I thought this episode to be pretty low on plot or character development/interaction. It seems to exist just to have UltraPapa show up. Which is sort of disappointing. The episodes Tarou showed up in were some of the most plotful ones in the series. The episode where Leo appeared had a lot of nice interaction with the group and a nifty new power up. Ultra Chichi shows up, and pretty much nothing happens. It's sort of disappointing, given the run of really good episodes that had just been happening.

The one thing that caught my attention as interesting is that Moebius can go into Burning Brave form at will now. Handy!

I should probably re-watch the episode, just to see if there was somethign I missed. And, well, because I re-watch all of them. But here ends my comments.

Since sakon76 is out of town, I thought I would translate the summary for next week's episode. Happily, it looks like it will have a bit more substance to it than this week's.

Arigera, who can fly better than a jet fighter, invades Earth.

By flying so super-fast and ultra-low it doesn't show on radar, and forces Moebius into a tough fight. Just in the nick of time Moebius is saved by someone providing covering fire.

Moebius was saved by Isana, who comes from GUYS Ocean.

The members of the team are shocked by Isana who has an easy-going attitude, but the sharpness he shows from time to time is what one would expect out of GUYS Ocean's elite.

Isana seems to figure out that Ultraman Moebius's other form is Mirai.

While discreetly being careful so that Isana wouldn't figure it out, the team members work with Isana to devise a strategy to annihilate Arigera.

A joint operation between GUYS Japan and GUYS Ocean begins.

Will their operation to capture Arigera, who can move in the air and the sky with incredible speed, really succeed? And just who is Isana?

Going back into the past a bit...

So... I noticed that the interdimensional gateway thingie that Bogal goes through is pretty similar to the thingie that Yapool goes through. Hmmm...

I have been wondering if there isn't a connection between the Bogal/Tsurugi arc and the rest of the series. There seems to be a bit of a divide between the two that just doesn't seem in character for the way the writers have been doing the series. I suppose it's possible that Moebius's actions toward Bogal are the reason that he's now being specifically targeted. Which could be a logical explanation, though it seems strange somehow.

It occurs to me that Serizawa probably was friends with the kid who knew Ultraman Jack. (The one who exchanged the Five Ultra Vows with him -- can't remember his name at the moment.) This is likely where Serizawa learned the vows from, which he then taught ot Ryuu.

I don't think it had registered with me previously that part of why Ryuu was yelling at Moebius for not doing more to keep the town from being messed up was because he was upset with himself for not doing more to keep his team alive and defeat Dinozaurus.

Poor Mirai, he really did have to twist everyone's arm to get them to join his team. I forgot that he had to twist Ryuu's as well. Though not as much as some of the others'.

More support on the Sakomizu = Zoffy theory: he seems to heal awfully fast. Like, Mirai levels of fast. At the time I discounted it as toku physics. But if he were Zoffy it would make sense.

I hadn't noticed before that Ryuu is holding the omamori that Mirai made for him while they're having their chat about Mirai being recalled home.

Yes, that is a highly random comment.

Nishina Masaki's blog. He plays Ryuu. The latest entry says that they're all done with the filming for Moebius. ;_;
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