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Bright, Perky, Way Too Early

Got up around 4:45 this morning to take rhylar and his lady to the airport. It wasn't so bad, given that I was already mostly awake when the alarm went off. Not being able to sleep past 4 for most of this week has some advantages at least.

Went in to work after dropping them off, because the project is behind again. (Still?) Spent a couple of happy hours coding and singing and muttering to myself and just in generally enjoying not having anyone in the office. I would be a lot more productive if I had more days like that. Came home to kick off the weekly download. Which is, alas, still not up. :(

Speaking of the download, I was most confused when, at 5 this morning, I went to set everything up so as to have the minimum amount of time necessary to get my torrent. I did a search on Zettaitoku for "Ultraman", and lo and behold, the top torrent was episode 37! Wai! Two and half hours early! ... It took a minute for me to register that it was episode 37 of Ultraman Leo, not Mebius. Silly Sandpanther, downloads are for... people who wait long enough until the download goes up.

I need to get out autocrossing more, or just driving in general. I was sitting at work in the wee hours of the morning, thinking that I would take off around 7:30 to go home and get the torrent and breakfast before getting back to work. The thought occured to me that at 7:30 on Saturday of a holiday weekend there would probably be no traffic on my favorite East Bay hills roads, that the sun would be up, and that it was probably warm enough and the roads are dry enough that there probably won't be any ice. Sounds like a great time to go for a drive to me! Yes, that's right. I seriously considered going driving over getting the latest Moebius episode. That? That's a big old sign that I need to get out driving more.

Speaking of driving, lucifie, what tires do you have on your MSP? I'm going to need new ones, and I'm debating whether it's time to try out the new Azenis or experiment with something different.

Ah, Zettaitoku is having problems. Must be Saturday morning. The world feels more normal now.
Edit 2: Torrent's up! Of course it had to wait until I had to leave to run some errands before appearing. Still, there is downloady goodness, so I am content. Although hungry...

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