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Moebius Research

Very quick random thoughts based on some early morning research.

Translating episode 25 currently, because, well, fate decreed it. Long story, not telling it here. Anyway, Dragory is the main monster in the episode, so I finally got around to looking up the back story. (Gotta say, I am filled with the love of hicbc's Web Mebi Navi.) Dragory is from Ace originally. There was a missle base constructed to destroy the comet (? gotta double-check that word, it's "yousei" -- no, not "fairy" -- rather than the more normal "suisei") Goran that was headed to Earth. Dragory was under programming from Metron Alien Jr. (what a name). Meanwhile, the monster Muruchi infiltrated the GUYS-equivelent's base (don't remember the proper name, not looking it up right now) in order to also stop the missle. Details at this point become scarce, but Metron was defeated by UltraSeven (guest appearance) while Muruchi was defeated by Ace. Alien Mates -- whose son shows up in Moebius -- is credited with sealing up Dragory. I want more information on that last bit. But I found it fascinating the way various aliens from different episode are interwoven together in the overall continuity. Makes me wonder how much more depth I am missing by not knowing all the details.

On a whim I flipped on episode 24 today, in an attempt to drown out my slacking coworkers (holiday-itis) so I could get some work done. A couple of thoughts occured to me, largely revovling around the recurring plot thread we are seeing that someone is specfically targeting Moebius personally. I hadn't realized it at the time, but Yapool taking over Ryuu was targeted directly at Moebius every bit as much as the Enban Seibutsu did. I wonder how much further back that thread goes, and I've just not been catching it?

I usually discount the writing on this series because the merchandising is so clearly aimed at younger children. One would think I would learn, and would stop being surprised when I suddenly realize that the plot is a lot more complex than I had originally thought it was. Honestly, if anyone can pull off foreshadowing a homocidal giant hallucinagenic flower monster without anyone realizing it, these people can. And really, I don't know how anyone could possibly be subtle in foreshadowing a homocidal giant hallucinagenic flower monster.

Tied to the Yapool in 24 targeting Moebius... We've seen spoilers that make it look like Yapool is going to be the final Big Bad. Given that, episode 24 takes on a bit more importance in the overall story arc. Though I keep wondering if somehow they aren't going to pull in the Tsurugi/Bogal arc into the overall plot as well. As things progress, it starts feeling more and more disjointed that it's not getting included.

It's late, so I'm going to cease pondering if the whole Ultra Zone incident might not also have been a trap specifically aimed at Moebius. Because that sounds like it's just reaching.
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