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Work has been miserable this week, though most of it is in my head. Unfortunately, I have gotten stressed to the point where I am stuck in stress mode. Despite that, every now and then I get hit with moment of being very greatful for most aspects of my life. Yeah, work is throwing me for a loop. But I have a lovely house that I am even more pleased with as time passes, wonderful friends who totally rock, and just more good things than I can account for. Really, my only frustration these days is that I am so fussed over the work that a lot of the time I forget how great everything else is.

Speaking of great, I did finally get paid this month. (Payroll has been a bit awkward of late.) It turned out to be almost double what I was expecting. *makes with the happy dance* So all the vacation and being sick has not had as bad an impact as I was expecting. Now to get to work and do more overtime in an attempt to get caught up.

Ah, and many thanks to hoshikage for the Moebius icons! I have been wanting one for a very, very long time now and just haven't gotten to doing it. *makes with the happy dance* Now if I can get Curry into a shape that I can post it (ha! Two sentences down, rest of the fic to go), then I can use one of the shiny new icons! :)

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