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My Dictionaries Need Weight Training

Before I make with the whinging, I just gotta go duuuuUUUUUde! I just found a round trip SFO->Kansai fare for our dates for $675. *dai shokku* Direct. There is another one for $494 (minus fees -- expect another $200 tacked on for that) that requires an overnight in Vancouver. *jaw falls on ground* Did I mention that was all to Kansai?? Must keep track of this site: Best Travel Store. Keep in mind that the first price they list is without taxes or fees, so always expect up to $200 to be added in taxes. Still, those are pretty darn spifty prices.

Which is a good thing, since I will take the money I save on airfare and spend it in the Tsuburaya store. *sweatdrop* This is what I get for trying to figure out what the official spelling for "Dino Zaur" is... (Wai! M-78 Christmas tree!) *sniffles* They don't love me enough. I found a page with plushies, but no Miklas. ;_; Fie on you people, I go translation more now! *pthat*

My dictionaries have all turned to wusses this week. I am most disappointed.

First my Big Green Dictionary (the one which all others eye with envy) pisses me off by failing to have the word for getting pissed off. Mukatsu...! How on earth did I translate Keisuke for so long with that word missing from my dictionary?

And now, "tamaru". Now, I admit that it's a bit of a tricky word. I threw it at the electronic dictionary and expected it to look back at me and whimper. But no. It looked back blankly at me. "I know of no such word" it said, in its empty kind of way. Nelson's was no help either. (And if it's not in Nelsons, how on earth do people write it...?)

I would be somewhat less irked if I didn't already know the meaning of these words and was just looking for inspiration on a better way to phrase things. But seriously... I may need to get another dictionary soon. Problem being that it will have to be a heafty Japanese one, since if Kenkyuusha's doesn't have it, nothing will. (I still can't believe it doesn't have "mukatsuku"
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