Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

T-Pass links

(Grr... When I went to find my Japanese road atlas, I discovered that it seems to have gone on walkabout. *grumble*. Oh well, I have other maps. surlykitty, you might be interested -- it looks like one end of the current pass is about 15 km from Nakazato.)

Live cam on T-Pass? (Need to check this sometime when it's light.)

Topo map of T-Pass

Biiiiig list of touge

Chichibu castles (No, that isn't entirely related. But I will want it later, so here it is.)

Onnabuta-jou (Or: Look, Ma! More castles! )

As a random note, this particular area seems to be noteworthily rich in castle ruins. I strongly suspect that given who was controlling this region during the Sengoku period, there are probably several sites of historical note around here. Isn't that convenient?

Note for future research: Joumine touge. A name like that, there's got to be castles!

Gee, I don't remember if I have this already, but if not, here's a list of touge in Gunma

More passes than you can shake a stick at. I need to poke through some of these later.

How do you pronounce it?

I probably already have this, but it's Yet another list of touge in Saitama. Ah, so many lovely lists. Isn't it a pity that there won't be any more races in Saitama? Oh well. This one includes pass elevations at least. That should be useful for something.

Great big list of touge throughout Japan. I wonder if any of the places that will appear in Rally Hokkaido are on that list? (Yeah, so I'm getting distracted. It's been a long day of link hunting.)

I just want to read what this says sometime when I'm not paying more attention if pesky coworkers are coming to bug me.

*blink* Hm, maybe that last link makes more sense than I thought it did.

Ph34r the pink kanji!. I might want that one day. Interesting, I think this is the first course that's famous for its cherry blossoms, rather than its fall color.

Aieee!! One of the pages I looked at was copyright Mogi Network Centre. *twitch*

Okay, we're back from that dark place. An network of Mogis. *shudder*

I'm going home now. That's the last link. Probably not of interest, but I want to peruse it sometime when I'm not thinking that it would be best to flee before someone corners me into something and I can't leave.

Just for reference, that finished out through page 9 of 15 on the Google search. And not a one of them IniD-related. *laugh of triumph*

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