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Random Moebius Thoughts

Randomly, Ryuu's hair looks much better grown out more.

Also on the looking, Mirai - Igarashi Shunji's photo album. It finally occured to me that I would get a lot farther looking for books on Igarashi Shunji than I would on looking for anything with "mirai" in the title.

More evidence on the "something is up with Sakomizu": The first time Ryuu is chatting with "Serizawa", Sakomizu walks up and immediately -- and correctly -- identifies him as Tsurugi.

More evidence that I am completely making it up on the "something is up with Sakomizu": When Marina is describing all her teammates, Mirai is the only one who does not sneeze. Sakomizu starts to, then stops. So Mirai is completely immune, while Sakomizu, clearly, is not.

Moving on to other thoughts... I read somewhere that Mirai's actor (Igarashi Shunji) wanted to do Moebius's voice as well as his human form. Considering how much of the show's overall sub-themes require a non-hosted Ultra, I wonder how much Igarashi-san's wishes affected the overall plot. Though given how all-pervasive the theme is, I think it's more likely that they had to get an actor who would be willing to do both parts. They would have had to change too much otherwise, I think.

Side note: Ryuu plays shougi. I can't tell if he does sumo or not. The pose he assumes just before fighting Araisou may be a judo move, or it might be the one used at the start of a judo match. Can't tell, don't know judo well enough.

Okay, if ever I had any delusions about the age level for the target audience, they would all be dispelled by the little clip at the beginning of the episode showing the proper way to take care of DVDs. It is most amusing watching Ultraman (original) scolding monsters for getting jam on the DVD.

Oh my, the quality level between the DVDs and the raws off TV is dramatic.

DVD extras: Cast interviews, TV promo clips, making of (disk 3 features a detailed description of how they got the stick to break in the episode with the possessed Ebisu), MebiNavi, no title credits. The DVDs come with a cute little comic insert (which I haven't read yet -- gomen!) starting with disk 2. All in all, they put a fair amount on, considering that usually there usually isn't much more than a no-title opening on Japanese DVDs.
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