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27 November 2006 @ 11:10 am
Day 6 - Kiyomizu-dera Area  

Still avoiding the hiking and the stairs. Went to Kiyomizu Temple, which after Kami-Daigo didn't even wind us. We found the alternate route up through the graveyard, which seems to be a lot gentler.

Fall color at Kiyomizu is gorgeous. Took many photos. Got a ton of goshuuin. (Twelve is the total for today, I believe.) Realized that, with getting the special books for the specific pilgrimages, we have graduated to a new level of nifty dancing bear-ness. Having the book shows seriousness toward the pilgrimage, so we're getting more respect. Which is saying something, since folks were already pretty impressed with us getting goshuuin to begin with. Got to go into a garden that is not normally open which is gorgeous, and pat the belly of the Buddha. The latter was interesting, since we had to go through in complete darkness, holding onto a line of giant prayer beads. It was a fascinating experience.

Walked down to Koudai-ji through Sannen-zaka/Ninnen-zaka. Found tons of soft cream. Ate shiso, kinako (need to look up what this is, but it was tasty), and kabocha. I didn't care much for the Kabocha.

Stopped off at a really cool Kannon temple on the way to Koudai-ji. It had a giant Kannon statue that had a bunch of statues inside the giant statue.

Koudai-ji has a really famous garden and two tea houses from Fushimi Momoyama Castle. The garden was gorgeous.

Finally got to Yasaka Jinja. Was somewhat disappointed.

Stopped and had lunch at a place that has melon milkshakes. Most tasty.

Went back to a temple we'd been to before to get the goshuuin in the official books. Stopped at Kino and got swtjemz's Teppei book. Wandered around trying to find the bookstore seshat recommended. Failed to find bookstore, but found a nifty media store that has used Moebius DVDs (2, 3, and 4), and a complete used set of Ultra Seven. Decided to defer deciding whether to get DVDs. (Will get the Moebius ones, will probably get the Ultra Seven ones, since I am highly intrigued by the series, for all that I know it is incredibly old.)

Found a used doujinshi/manga store. It had a most impressive selection, including a ton of Raimu Company Troopers doujinshi, and a sizable Raideen selection. What I didn't find here was any Ultraman doujin at all. I persist in wondering where all the fangirls are that the writers are fangirl baiting. They really cannot possibly be doing it just for me and my friends.

Acquired a really nasty headache. Continued the trend of eating yummy Italian food. Am now logged on. Was going to hit the bookstore and get those other Ultraman books that I didn't grab yesterday (because I was stupid), but just realized that the bookstore is closed. Am hoping that the ATM is not closed, since I need cash badly.
Hot sicka than y0' average: WaT - Teppei smileswtjemz on November 27th, 2006 03:18 pm (UTC)
yay! Teppei!!! is it his second book? I have his 1st letters or whatever the title is called but *squeeeee*!!!

I'm glad you are having fun!

Yay for melon milkshakes! I totally want to try now.
Hot sicka than y0' average: w-inds. - never a crowdswtjemz on November 27th, 2006 06:14 pm (UTC)
also...i forgot to mention since I am now just checking my flist, that if you want to pick up any of the w-inds. photobook OTHER than w-inds. meet JUNON, Vacanza, or "ageha" The Document, I'll be more than happy and will squeee all over you when you come back (not that I don't but yay! more to squee over! )

K. Stonhamsakon76 on November 27th, 2006 04:02 pm (UTC)
Maybe they really are doing it just for the three of us...? Nah, couldn't be that lucky. :)

Melon milkshakes sound horribly good. Why doesn't Jack in the Box have them as a flavor of the month?

And... Moebius DVDs.... *covets, but is cashless*

Also coveting the Raimu Company djs, but see above remark and I'll be in Japan in five months anyway.
Sandpanthersandpanther on November 30th, 2006 12:31 pm (UTC)
Argh, if I had read that you wanted Raimu Company djs earlier I would have picked you up some. Oh well, it's not like you won't be here in a bit anyway. And then we will have much fangirl squee'ing. (Can you imagine what it will be like if either Moebius is still on, or if the next Ultraman series is actually good?)