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Random Travelouge Post

Saw Yamato Kooriyama Castle remains. Found the way to get to the ruins of the main keep that I failed to find when seshat and I were there. Lady at the Yanagisawa shrine there was nice. Found out that spring is the time to go there, to see all the cherry trees blossoming. Discovered that part of the castle is called the "Bishamon enclosure". Not sure why. Understand now why Mizuna-sensei choose to put the climatic battle of the Nara story arc at Yamato Kooriyama castle. Can't remember if that was mentioned in the story or not.

Flailed a bit on the Kintetsu lines, got to Nara. Went and saw the post marking the remains of Tamon Castle. Said castle was important because it incorporated many advances in castle building technology (a certain type of common wall structure is called "Tamon-tsukuri" after this castle), and because Toudai-ji's Daibutsu-den was burned because Matsunaga Hisahide didn't want any other buildings near his castle. Bastard.

Got wet. It rained a lot.

Walked past deer in Nara Park. Went to Koufuku-ji, saw some really old, nifty statues. Went to pilgrimage temple near-by, acquired special Saigoku 33 Kanon pilgrimage book. Cursed that we didn't have it yesterday so we could avoid doing the two hour climb to Kami-Daigo again. Got it signed. Went home.

Was going to go out to Teramachi to pick up Teppei book for swtjemz. Only had a 10,000 yen bill so couldn't pay for the subway. Went to a bookstore across from the AM PM instead, expecting it to suck. It did not. Went and fetched Jan, then went back. Failed to go through the toku section other than to confirm that they don't have Mirai. Dammit. Must go back, since they have two other books that I'm pretty sure I want. Found Teppei calendar for swtjemz Whined. Why can I not find any of my calendars or art books? *snivel*

Freezing and damp. Must go collapse now.
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