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Fangirl, Yo! Comments on "Kokyou no nai Otoko"

Er, providing that is even the title... Difficult to remember, since seeing stuff live means no pausing and not rewinding.

Randomly, Animate confirms the movie will be out 1/26. It also lists a price: 8150 yen. *gasp* This better be one really freaking long, awesome movie. The Kabuto movie (which is out at about the same time) is only 4950 yen.

sakon76, you are going to make with the happy dance with this episode, since it gives heavy credence to your thought that "nii-san" is more in the "brothers in arms" than in the "blood relation".

Episode is low on the technobabble.

Anyway, spoilery comments... Somewhat limited, since 1) I missed the first couple of minutes (by the time I came in, Bad Guy Of The Week (forgot the name, don't feel like looking like a dork by hitting hicbc) was about to kill Moebius -- except for the part where he decided not to. Yay, Law of Plot Convenience, and 2) no stopping, no rewinding.

Thought at first that they were violating the "all aliens instantly recognize each other law. They did a good job skirting it while still leaving certain things vague. Kudos again to the authors for being more skilled than I would normally give them credit for.

Was intrigued to hear that Leo spent some time at Hikari no Kuni, and met Moebius there. Wiki entry says that at the end of the series he wandered off into the sunset to explore Earth. (Hence, he should be around still.) Aparently he decided to do a bit of travelling. Liked him as a monk.

Like Ryuu volunteering to help Mirai training. Fits with the theory that his hobby involves sports, etc. Was intrigued to see that training as Mirai equates to training Moebius.

Mirai? You really need to get over the urge to handle everything all by yourself. What ever happened to all that "boku wa, hitori ja nai" stuff? Particularly now, when everyone else knows and can help out.

Though... I absolutely loved Ryuu's expression when Mirai started quoting the "tanin no chikara o tayoranai koto". Loaded, loaded phrase there.

I've tried that starting fire by creating friction thing. It sucks. Ryuu? Next time let Teppei go get the matches. Really.

Though of course he had to do it, to get the spinning fire attack. Which I thought was most cool. I liked that, rather that just learn Leo's attack and do it his way Moebius comes up with a style uniquely his own.

Folks, if you are not helping in combat, seriously, get the heck away. If you don't learn this then I will sit you down and make you watch all the Superman episodes where Jimmy Olson gets used against Superman. Don't make me do this. It won't be pretty.

I have no idea how this episode fits in with movie continuity. Still lacking knowledge of the movie (dammit), I am going to wave my hand and say "la, la, la, AU". Because this episode probably doesn't make a lot of sense otherwise.

Next week: Well, I wasn't expecting Hikari to come back. This should be intriguing. I can't re-watch the trailer until I get home -- not unless I don't mind looking like a dork. There are disadvantages to having to sit out in a public area to get wi-fi.
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