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Ultraman Moebius Song Lyrics

As I said before, I picked up a CD with a couple of songs from Moebius. (Not the soundtrack, I haven't been able to find that yet -- no, not even at Animate. Suck.)

The song that plays when they launch stuff. I was lazy and put the translation next to the romanization. Said translation kinda sucks. May fix it later, may just leave it.

Run Through!

One-two Rise-up One-two Rise-up

Kokoro o takame miharasu nakame (Lift up your heart, look out over the view)
Saakuro byuu ensekai (Circle view, round world)
Sagashiteta hitotsu no michi mugen e hashiru yume roodo (A single road searched for, a dream road, extending to infinity)
"Eiyuu tachi" to yobareru sono hi (On the day they could be called heroes)
Run through! Tsuyoku Run through! Hayaku (Run through! Strongly! Run through! Quickly!)
Run through! Run through!
Run through! Run through! Run through!
One-Two Rise-up

One-Two Rise-up One-Two Rise-up

Kokoro o wakashi miageru shisen (Your heart wells up, your eyes look up)
Sutaa fuirudo hoshi sekai (Star field, world of stars)
Mitsuketeta hitotsu no sore mugen e tsudzuku yume roodo (You found that one thing, a dream road extending to infinity)
"Eiyuu tachi" to iwareru sono hi (On the day they are said to be heroes)
Run through! Tooku Run through! Haruka (Run through! Distant Run through! Far, far away)
Run through! Run through! Run through!
Run through! Run through!
One-Two Rise-up

One-Two Rise-up One-Two Rise-up
Kokoro o hajiki tsutaeru hibiki (The sound that conveys the clicking heart) (*** "My boobs light up for you" makes more sense.)
Raundo ekoo oosekai (Round echo, large world)
Nozondeta hitotsu no uta mugen e todoku yume roodo (That one song you wished for, a dream road extending to inifity)
"Eiyuu tachi" to hokoreru sono hi (On the day they are proud to be called heroes)
Run through! Atsuku Run through! Moete
Run through! Run through! Run through!
Run through! Run through!
One-Two Rise-up

This song really has no official title other than the one mentioned in the cut tag. (Now don't you wish you could read the cut tag? 'Cause if you're reading this, you can't read the cut tag.)

Discovered that I made two errors in hearing the lyrics. I have marked both of them with (###). kazuhiko4, after you have made corrections to all the lyrics, could you please tell me so I can update this post and pull out the corrections? kthx.

Opening theme: Ultraman Moebius

Ima sugu dekiru koto wa nan darou
Ginga no kanata kokoro no koe ga kikoeteru
Hajime wa dare mo hiiroo ja nai
Chigau katachi no tada chippoke na hoshi nan da

Butsukariai hagemashiai (###) ("I'll confront it, pluck up my courage")
Tachihadakaru yami o koeyou

Kanashimi nanka nai sekai ai o akirametakunai
Donna namida mo kanarazu kawaku
Bokura ga kaeteku mirai kizuna wa togire ya shinai
Mugen ni tsudzuku hikari no naka e
Urutoraman Mebius
Urutoraman Mebius

Honto ni daiji na mono wa nan darou
Giniro no me ga toki no nagare o mitsumeteiru
Faito no imi wa nikukshimi ja nai
Momoritai no wa minna de egaku yume nan da

Kizutsuitemo taoretemo
Tasukeaeru michi o sagasou

Hohoemi o tsunagu sekai yume o akirametaku nai
Donna kibou mo tsumiagenagara
Bokura ga kanaeru mirai nakama o shinjiteitai (##) ("kanaeru" = "to grant (a wish)" so line = "In the future that we are granted I want to believe in my friends")
Mugen ni tsuzuku hikari no kuni e
Urutoraman Mebius
Urutoraman Mebius

The picture in the background of the CD insert with the lyrics is a most unfortunate pose. Particularly for a song that includes "one two rise up" repeatedly. Jan has had some fun with this.

Both songs are sung by Project DMM with Ultra Boueitai (Hayata, Hibino Mirai, Haruno Musashi, Fuji Akiko, Maniyome Jun, Go Hideki, Ide, Hiraki Shiori, Touma Kaito, Yuri Annu, and Hokuto Seiji) I'll eventually get to figuring out who is where from what sometime when I'm not freezing to get my internet connection. (And I don't have a ton of other things to look up in the mean time...)
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