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Ultra Amalgamation

I should be getting up and finishing getting things ready for leaving on my trip tomorrow. Instead what do I do? Hunt through Wikipedia to see if I can find out if there really was an episode previously with guy from planet Meitsu getting stuck on Earth. Because I'm just researchy that way.

Ultramen who don't have human hosts: Seven, Leo, 80, Zeos, and Moebius.

Matching documents to series:

SSSP (Science Special Search Patrol): Original Ultraman. Z-ton (read "Zetton") comes from here.

UG (Ultra Guard - Urutra Keibitai): UltraSeven. Windom and Miclas come from here.

MAT (Monster Attack Team): Kaete Kita Ultraman (Ultraman Jack) Gudon, Bemstar, Sadola, Earthtron, and Twintail come from here. According to Moebius episode 32, Meitsu seijin comes from here as well.

TAC (Terrible monster Attacking Crew): Ultraman Ace. Yapoool, Vakishim, Doragory, and Verokron (pronouned "berakuromu") come from here.

ZAT (Zeriba of All Terrestrial): Ultraman Tarou. Birdon, Mukadender, and Alien Valky (pronounced "Balkie") all come from here.

MAC (Monster Attack Crew): Ultraman Leo. Magma seijin comes from here. (MAC is headed by Dan Maboroshi, who is UltraSeven.)

UGM (Utility Government Members): Ultraman 80. Saramandora comes from here.

All monster names have been checked against the Wiki entry for Ultraman monsters to come up with the "official" name.

As a side note, Impraizer is listed as being spelled "Imperiser".

According to the write-up on the Japanese Wiki for Ultraman Moebius, they are reusing names from the previous series as well as having monsters and Ultramen past show up. So it's entirely likely that Ryuu's family name is based off of Aihara Kyouko, who was the gym teacher Yamato Takeshi (Ultraman 80's human form) has a crush on. Her name is written 相原. *finds this quite entertaining*
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